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Planning a Home Improvement Project? We Can Help!
What Area(s) do you service?

While headquartered in Alpharetta, Halcyon Remodeling serves customers throughout Metro Atlanta and surrounding counties. Check out our service area.

How long has Halcyon Remodeling been in business?

Halcyon Remodeling has proudly been in business since 2015.  Our staff have all been involved in the construction and renovation industry with other companies prior to forming Halcyon Remodeling.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, and yes. We are a NASCLA (National Association of State Contractors Licensing Agency) licensed as a General Contractor authorized to do business in the State of Georgia and South Carolina.  We carry all appropriate insurances including General Liability, Auto, Workers Compensation, EPLI and Umbrella coverage with aggregate totals above what is standard.  Our breadth of coverages may seem excessive; and yes, these policies are costly and require a spotless claims history, but we believe our clients should have complete peace of mind when we are working in their home.

What is your license number?

Halcyon Remodeling’s Georgia Commercial Contractors license number is GCLT-CO000518. You only want to work with a contractor that is licensed. When you have a contractor’s license number, you can call or go to http://verify.sos.ga.gov/verification/Search.aspx?facility=Y the Georgia Secretary of State’s licensing bureau and confirm that the license number is valid and up to date.

Can you provide references?

Yes, we can! You are welcome to review our references located on the “Our Story” page of our website. We also suggest you read over our reviews on portals such as Google, Facebook, Angie’s List, Home Advisor, Nextdoor and Thumbtack.

How much do estimates cost?

Our project management staff will meet you at your project location and provide a free, no obligation estimate/quote for your planned project.  We offer a free initial design consultation as well if you aren’t sure what you want your project to look like and need help getting started.

What payment methods do you accept?

Halcyon Remodeling accepts cash, checks, home equity checks and payment by credit card.  We also partner with Greensky Financing to offer a variety of low cost, affordable financing options such as same as cash, interest only, and traditional loan programs.  Ask your Project Manager about the multitude of payment options we offer. One is sure to be just right for you.

Do you provide a warranty on materials purchased from Halcyon Remodeling?

We pass on the manufacturer’s warranty for all materials we purchase for our clients. Some of these are lifetime warranties.

Do you provide a service warranty?

Yes – we offer a 1-year warranty on labor and materials not covered by manufacturer’s warranties.

Do you have architects, interior designers, and other specialists on staff at Halcyon Remodeling?

Yes and no. We do not have architects on staff, but we have relationships with top architects and architectural firms. We do have interior designers, kitchen designers, project managers, and various trade professionals on staff.

Can you help with the design phase of my project?

Yes. If you want us to design your project, we will do that for you. By working with Halcyon Remodeling, you can take full advantage of our process, which breaks down remodeling into various components. Therefore, you can use us for design, purchase materials from us, and all the construction.

Will you obtain permits and handle the related inspections if my project requires it?

Not every project requires a permit and/or inspections. However, many renovation/remodeling projects do in some way modify the structure of your home and if permits and inspections are necessary, we will let you know what kinds of permits are required, how to get them and also pull those for you.

What is your timeline for completion?

Time is always an important factor in every project. You should have a clear understanding of your project’s timeline, and we will discuss it to make sure you understand how long it will take. You need to know when your project will begin, major milestones during the project, including any that will create disruption of your home and your ability to use the space within it, and finally when the project should be completed. You should also be aware of factors that could delay a project such as supplier delays, permitting delays and so forth.

Additional questions you should ask to get a firm grasp on your project’s timeline:

– Are there any bids or quotes that are not yet finalized on my project? How might those affect the timeline as well as the final cost?
– Do you have other projects that you are completing that could delay the completion of my project?
– If I want to make a change during my project, how might that affect the timeline?
– How would unexpected situations or issues you might find during my project impact the timeline and cost?

When is payment required?

A reputable contractor will not ask for the entire cost of your project up front, unless the project is being completed in a single day. Even then, payment is normally collected after the work is finished and approved by you. Be sure to ask questions about payment terms before your project begins. Make sure you understand what payments are due and when. We typically require a portion of the contract amount when work begins and then, depending upon the scope of the project, either have the balance paid upon completion or have portions paid at various completion stages during the project lifecycle.  Specifics about payment terms will be detailed in your contract for service with us. Some items you order for your job may be a special order and may not be returnable to the manufacturer/seller, in which case, payment may be required at time of ordering for those items.

What is the best way to communicate with you?

Communication before, during and even after your project is critical to its success and to your satisfaction. Halcyon Remodeling assigns you a Project Manager who will manage all aspects of your renovation project. They will be your main point of contact. We often need to reach you for input or when things come up so please let us know if you prefer to be contacted via phone, text message or email.  Your Project Manager will provide you their information, the best way to reach them and when, and give you a general timeframe of when you should expect to hear back from them.

You will also be able to login to our client portal where you can access details about your project, view photos and more.

Do you clean up at the end of the day?

We strive to keep your job site clean and free of construction debris, on a daily basis. The various crews that work on your job are responsible for daily clean-up, throughout the entirety of your job. Depending on the scope and size of your project, a dumpster may be placed and left on-site for some period of time to allow discarded materials and trash to be removed from your house, and eventually hauled away. When necessary, temporary protective covers or barriers will be installed to prevent dust and particles from intruding into areas that are not under construction. If you ever have problems with trash or materials that are left in your way, be sure to communicate with your Project Manager to have the problem resolved right away.

Where are materials and tools stored if my project takes multiple days to complete?

In addition to cleaning construction debris, keeping your job site clean includes neatly organizing and storing tools and equipment. Larger equipment such as table saws or earth-moving machinery may be stored on-site overnight. Please let us know where they can be kept and how they can be moved there. We want to protect your yard and finished areas of your home, so coordinating the movement, both in and out, of equipment is essential.

How will you protect my property?

Don’t be afraid to ask this question. Everyone involved wants to be certain that your yard, your home and everything and everyone within it are safe and secure.

Halcyon Remodeling wants your renovation project to be as smooth and enjoyable as possible so we can protect your property in the following ways as well as others, depending upon your situation.

– Use tarps and protective materials to cover furniture and surfaces in work areas, and to prevent dust and particles from intruding into non-work areas of your home
– Wear shoe coverings when we enter your home
– Recommend items that you should move to other areas of your home to protect them from damage
– Close or lock doors as needed when entering and leaving your home

How will additional or unanticipated charges be handled?

As much as we plan, home improvement can be unpredictable at times. Once a project begins, it is possible that conditions will become apparent or that are uncovered that would raise the price originally estimated. We will never proceed with work outside of your approved scope of work without first gaining your approval and executing a formal change order with updated pricing.