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5 Bathroom Upgrades That You Will Love

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Performing various bathroom upgrades for a more functional and attractive bathroom is always a worthwhile venture. From your master bathroom to the one reserved for your guests, an entire bathroom remodel can make it into an inviting and relaxing place. With the help of some personal choices of decor, you can make your bathroom into a welcoming space for all of your visitors. Use these 5 tips to inspire you when you are doing a bathroom remodel.

1. Upgrade Your Tile

The tile in your bathroom is an important feature of its overall visual appeal. Change up the look of your room with modern bathroom tiles in your favorite color. New tiles are a great way to add some personal flair and make a unique statement in your bathroom.

Use a soft blue or green tile pattern around your bathtub to create a tranquil atmosphere. Add a tiled floor to make keeping a clean bathroom a breeze. Not only are they water resistant, but new tiles can add a pop of color into your bathroom.

2. Turn Up the Pressure

You will be amazed by the difference that a simple change in water pressure can bring. It will make every shower that much more pleasurable, bringing you joy with each daily shower.

Upgrade your shower

Consider installing a model with dual shower heads. You can have a gentle shower overhead as well as a detachable nozzle that can be controlled with your hands. Cleaning both your body and the tub will be a lot easier.

For those who collect high-tech gadgets, there are models that feature Bluetooth capabilities to play your favorite music. This is an easy way to make every shower more comfortable and relaxing.

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3. You Might Benefit From a Fan

Damp environments are prone to suffering from water-related damage. Taking long, hot showers can trap a lot of steam in your bathroom. This can cause the walls to become moldy if improperly maintained.

Install a bathroom vent fan and see how it can prevent moisture from collecting. It will also make a recently-used bathroom less stuffy and will de-fog the mirror quickly and easily. With the right bathroom fan, a more comfortable environment can be as simple as flipping a switch on the wall.

4. Redesign Your Color Palette

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Nothing makes bathrooms look fresh and updated like a new style, starting from something as basic as the color of each bathroom wall. Let your creativity and personality shine through with the colors and patterns you choose and the accessories or decorations that you decide on. Bathroom upgrades can be unique. Choose enchanting pieces of art to display.

When refreshing the color of your walls, be sure not to forget your bathroom floor. There are a lot of flooring options available for your bathroom renovation, in just the right color and style to make your bathroom new again.

5. Change Up the Room’s Function

Over time, it may be necessary for you to change a bathroom from a room used just by adults to a family bathroom. With some clever storage options and height adjustment for most surfaces, this is a simple bathroom renovation. Install some extra shelves or hooks to hold robes and towels. Buy small plastic containers to hold various toiletries. It can be easy to upgrade and expand your bathroom with your family.

Bathroom upgrades seem to be on the to-do lists of many people. With a little creativity you can create the bathroom of your dreams. Upgrades don’t have to be expensive, nor take a great deal of time. By choosing some simple, but highly visible upgrades, you can achieve the look you are going for.

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