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Aging Gracefully: Maintenance Tips to Prolong Your Deck’s Lifespan

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Is It Time for a Deck Replacement? Signs to Watch For

Your deck has been a beloved part of your outdoor living space for years, providing a place for relaxation, gatherings, and countless memories. However, just like any other structure, decks age and experience wear and tear over time. Knowing when it’s time for a deck replacement is essential to ensure the safety, functionality, and aesthetics
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Simple Ways You Can Upgrade Your Master Bath

Your master bathroom is your personal oasis, a place to relax and unwind after a long day. But if your bathroom is looking a little tired, it’s time for an upgrade. Here are a few simple ways to give your master bathroom a fresh new look. Some of these are DIY you can tackle on
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Remodeling a Galley Kitchen: Maximizing Space and Functionality

Galley kitchens are often found in small apartments, boats, and homes with limited space. Galley kitchens originated on ships and boats, where space is limited. They are characterized by their narrow, long “galley layout” and typically consist of two parallel counters or “walls” facing each other, with a walkway in between. The cooking area and
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Do I Need a Building Permit?

As a general contractor focusing on building projects for homeowners, we are often asked by prospective clients if a permit is necessary. Occasionally, a homeowner will come right out and ask us to not permit their project. Their justification is that permits cost money and time, and some also fear that their property taxes will
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101 Tips to Make Your Finished Basement Amazing

Homeowners love finished basements. They provide extra space for work, play, sleeping and more. Here’s a list of 101 tips to help make finishing or remodeling your basement even more amazing. This is not a step-by-step, line-by-line to do list. Instead, this is a menu, from which you can choose the tips and ideas that
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Adding a Basement Kitchenette To Your Home

A finished basement is highly desirable for numerous reasons. Adding a kitchen to that basement is like icing on the cake. But a full kitchen can be expensive and you may not need two complete kitchens in your home. Instead, consider a basement kitchenette as a lower-cost alternative. What is a basement kitchenette? A basement
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9 Common Basement Problems and What to Do About Them

Owning a home with a basement almost certainly means at some point you will encounter basement problems. Basements can be a wonderful space in your house for entertaining, relaxing, working, crafting and more. But they also come with a number of common problems that can be just a bit annoying to downright threatening to the
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Sneaky Homeowner Hack: The Partially Finished Basement

Enjoy Extra Space in Your Home Without Spending Too Much Homes are often built with an unfinished basement–a space with incredible potential that mostly becomes a place to store your junk. If your home sits atop one of these giant “junk drawers”, or especially if your basement is empty, you have an amazing opportunity to
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Adding a Bedroom and a Bathroom to a House

Older homes sometimes have great charm and nostalgia, but often they lack features of modern homes. Bringing older homes up to current standards can be a challenge, and expensive. This project involved a 2 bed, 1 bath house in an area where the homes were built in the 1930s. Many of the homes in the
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