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Aging Gracefully: Maintenance Tips to Prolong Your Deck’s Lifespan

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Is It Time for a Deck Replacement? Signs to Watch For

Your deck has been a beloved part of your outdoor living space for years, providing a place for relaxation, gatherings, and countless memories. However, just like any other structure, decks age and experience wear and tear over time. Knowing when it’s time for a deck replacement is essential to ensure the safety, functionality, and aesthetics
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13 Common Deck Problems and Deck Repairs

Outdoor living space is a blessing and a curse. If you spend lots of time lounging on your deck or patio, you appreciate the “blessing” side. But if you have ever had to make deck repairs or re-stain your deck, you understand the curse as well. The fact is, the need to make deck repairs
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We Renovated a House Hit by a Tornado

On March 25, 2021, an F-4 tornado cut a path of destruction over 38 miles long through the town of Newnan, Georgia, south of Atlanta. With 170+ MPH winds, over 1,700 homes were either damaged or destroyed. Only one person died in the storm, which seems to be a miracle considering the scope and strength
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Everything You Need to Know About Window Repair and Replacement

The windows of a home have the potential to fully transform the atmosphere of the structure. Both in the interior and on the exterior, windows play a major role in the efficiency, comfortableness, and aesthetic of a home in the Atlanta area. Unfortunately, over time windows can become worn, ineffective, or damaged. As a homeowner
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Watch This Home Remodeling Transformation in Atlanta

This house in East Atlanta needed some help to return to its former glory. Halcyon Remodeling was brought in to oversee the transformation. The house had been a rental property and had suffered some water damage and mold growth. It also needed updates to the countertops, cabinets and floors, and to exterior decks and even
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Deck Remodeling FAQs

When beginning the process of deck remodeling there are many things to consider regarding the sustainability, safety, and the ability to repurpose your current deck. Here are answers to common questions abour remodeling your deck. Can I enlarge my deck by adding onto the deck I currently have? Depending on the final design that you
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What Deck Material is Right for Your Home?

As summer approaches the need for a deck is becoming more important than it has been all year. But there are many factors that go into choosing which deck material is right for you. Factors such as cost, material, and how much effort you will have to put into maintaining it all greatly affect the
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