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Atlanta Home Remodeling – It’s Time to Spruce Up Your Bathrooms and Kitchen

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Atlanta Kitchen Remodeling

Did you know that the most common Atlanta home remodeling projects are for bathrooms and kitchens? Sure, an exterior coat of paint and replacing the front door increases your house’s value, but doing a few interior touchups will help you completely change the look of your house.

According to National Association of Home Builders, 81% of homeowners go for bathroom remodeling and 79% for kitchen remodeling. So, if you are thinking about getting some remodeling done in your house, these are the two places start.

Before taking on a renovation project, ask yourself, “How far should I go?”

Before you dive into your budget and start picking out the countertop material for your kitchen renovation and flooring for your bathroom, there’s something you should know.

Homeowners often ask themselves these two questions while drawing up their remodeling plan:

How Much Should I Remodel?

Statista reports that homeowners don’t have much idea about how high the cost of a remodeling project can go. They set a standard budget of $15,000 but end up spending less. This is usually for small projects. However, when it comes to extensive remodeling involving customization, they end up spending a few thousand dollars more.

Should I Go for Customization?

Having a quartz countertop in the kitchen and a bigger bathtub in the bathroom are great remodeling additions. It’s when you choose options such as graphic tiling and custom cabinetry, that causes the project cost to go high. Moreover, these are not timeless renovations or ones that match every person’s taste. So, it’s possible that the next person buying your house might back out because of these over-the-top designs.

Unlike your bedroom and lounge area, kitchen and bathroom remodels require a professional touch. A DIY project is bound to bring maintenance problems years down the road.

We understand that you want the house to reflect your creative artistry. Adding more improvements will cause the cost to go higher, making potential buyers hesitant to agree to your asking price. They would be unwilling to purchase the property, especially when they didn’t want the extravagant remodels. Eventually, recouping the cost will become quite difficult.

Now that you know about the basics of Atlanta kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects, let’s take a look at some of the more important things:

An FAQ Guide to Atlanta Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel

From 2010 to 2018, Atlanta became the 4th fastest growing city in the US and the place to live. It was and still is the best place to set down roots! This is one of the reasons for costs of Atlanta home remodeling projects being higher than other cities.

You probably have dozens of questions that you want the answers to. We have covered the basic FAQs to help you make informed decisions about your remodeling project:

How Much Does An Atlanta Bathroom Remodel Cost/Square Foot?

Depending on the type of bathroom remodel you are looking for, here’s the breakdown of the project:

Per Square Footage Cost: $120 to $275

  • Low-End Remodel: $12,500 to $15,000
  • Mid-Range Remodel: $20,000 – $48,000
  • High-End Remodel: $48,000 – $89,000+

How Much Does An Atlanta Kitchen Remodel Cost/Square Foot?

Depending on the type of kitchen remodel you are looking for, here’s the breakdown for the project:

Per Square Footage Cost: $100 to $325

  • Low-End Remodel: $20,000 to $30,000
  • Mid-Range Remodel: $35,000 – $68,000
  • High-End Remodel: $68,000 – $138,000
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What Are the Top Upgrades in Remodeling Projects?

It’s the era of modern technology and most homeowners are opting for SMART appliances and faucets. You might be tempted to keep your old faucets because of their vintage value, but the surrounding upgrades might not support them.

Fancy faucet

As per Home Study by Houzz, 57% of kitchen and bathroom upgrades include high-end faucets. Other additions include:

  • No Fingerprints System: 24%
  • Touch-Only Activation: 22%
  • LED Temperature Light Display: 3%

Other additions that cost less but are high in value include:

  • Tiles
  • Fresh grout and caulk
  • Paint (Tiling only high impact areas)
  • Granite counter tops (for bathroom) and marble (for kitchen)
  • Simple cabinets

When are Upgrades Considered “Splurges” that Might be Too Much?

Outdoor Jacuzzi

No two homeowners have the same taste. Specialty projects that include additions, such as a Jacuzzi in the bathroom or on your deck, pull-out counters and artistically designed cabinets in the kitchen, and an elaborate deck in the backyard can cost you from $3,000 to $12,000 or more. They might not suit the lifestyle of the buyer you will deal with in the future. When it comes to remodeling, the rule of thumb is that if the overall cost goes above $100,000, you should think about buying a new-construction house instead.

What Are the Best Materials for Flooring, Countertops, Tiling, and Backsplash?

backsplash tiling

Following are three lists of kitchen and bathroom remodel materials and their costs:

Ceramic$1 to $3/sqft
Bamboo$2 to $7/ sqft
Hardwood$2 to $25/sqft
Vinyl$1 to $4/sqft
Laminate$1 to $5/ sqft
Porcelain$3 to $10/ sqft
Marble$8 to $17/sqft
Stone$8 to $17/sqft
Glass$9 to $18/ sqft
Travertine$20 to $30/ sqft
Mosaic$31 to $49/ sqft
Granite$34 to $59/ sqft
Ceramic$4 to $8/sqft
Acrylic$12 to $23/ sqft
Laminate$25 to $36/ sqft
Granite$34 to $75/ sqft
Soapstone$36 to $100/ sqft
Quartz$38 to $55/ sqft
Marble$40 to $100/sqft
Concrete$55 to $185/sqft
Limestone$67 to $200/sqft
Glass$75 to $105/sqft

How Remodeling Affects Home Value in Atlanta?

According to Cost Value, a bathroom remodeling project in Atlanta can help you recoup 65.7% of your investment of $42,000 and 66% on kitchen remodeling. As for whole house renovations, work on specific areas increases the house’s sales value. These include the deck, the garage door, and the porch. You can expect your overall home sale value to increase by 8% to 11% (NAR).

So, now that you know what an Atlanta home remodeling project has in store for you, you need to find yourself the top remodeling services in Atlanta and choose one that falls within your budget. The construction process for a kitchen or bathroom remodel project will last 1 to 5 months. For whole house renovation, the entire process can take more than 6 months.

Make sure to choose a company with whom you can build a lasting relationship. The professionalism of the workers matters as much as the quality of the project. Hence, research the company thoroughly before hiring its services.

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