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Beautiful Whole-House Remodel in Atlanta

Planning a Home Improvement Project? We Can Help!

A real estate investor client needed this house renovated so it would come up to today’s standards for homes. The house had fallen into disrepair and it definitely did not meet the needs most families would have for a home. With just a single bathroom, it was lacking.

Time and weather had also taken a toll on the house. The windows were rotting. The roof needed replacing. The driveway was crumbling. The floors were rough throughout the house and sagging in places. The kitchen was decidedly uninviting and some might say it was unusable. The house didn’t have a laundry room. The paint was dark and dreary.

In short, this house needed a complete makeover.

Halcyon Remodeling stepped in, got to work and made the house beautiful and “new” again.

We replaced the windows, replaced the roof, repaired the driveway, replaced the floors, replaced the kitchen cabinets, created a new laundry room, replaced all the doors, moved walls and made way for a new master bath. The yard was given a major face lift and cleaned up.

All in a days (or several days) work!

Watch the video below and witness the transformation. We would love to help transform your home. Whether you need an entire house makeover, or just need a new bathroom or kitchen, Halcyon Remodeling is ready to help.

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Video Transcript:

Victor Torres:

We’re here in Atlanta, one of our newest projects. My name is Victor. I’m with Halcyon Remodeling on this project here, we are going to do new roof, new gutters, some facia and soffit repair. We’re going to replace all the windows. On the inside we are going to move some walls, open up the kitchen to have an open concept. We’re going to try to refinish the floors. We’ll see how that goes. We got some sheetrock to take down. We’re going to add a bathroom to this one.

So we are going to move some rooms around just to try to get…fit in this bathroom. On the outside we got to do a couple of the landscaping out here and some exterior painting as well.

I’m going to take you inside. We’ll walk the property and show you the house. Let’s go in.

All right. This is the inside of the property here. In here we’re going to resurface the floors, paint, new light fixtures. On this side, which is the dining room area we’re going to eliminate this wall and this wall. So we’re going to open this whole area up.

This will be the kitchen on this side where we’re going to do all new cabinets, flooring.

Like I said, we’ll have this wall eliminated. New light fixtures.

And then I’ll take you in here to the hallway where the bedrooms are and show you the rest of the house.

All right. We’re going to go into our first bedroom here. In this bedroom, we’re going to take all this paneling off. This is where we’re planning to add a bathroom between this room and the room that’s behind us.

We’re going to probably move this wall in about 2ft and then close this out as the closet to this bath–to this bedroom.

We’re going to try to resurface the floor here. We’re replacing the windows, light fixtures, everything’s going to get sheetrocked. And then let me show you the other side so you can see the other side of this wall here.

And here in the hallway while I’m at it, this, all this floor is going to be ripped up. And we’re going to eliminate this closet as part of the bathroom that we’re going to add into.

And this is the bedroom that I was saying. We’re going to move the wall. It has two closets. So we’re going to eliminate this one so that we can add the bathroom to this room, which will become the master bedroom. We’ll replace the windows and the flooring, new light fixtures, shelving, doors. All the doors are going to be replaced in the property as well.

You got another bedroom over here that we’re going to resurface the floor, paint, replace the windows. And that’s about it on this one, replace the doors. And then we got a small bathroom on the other side of this that I’ll show you.

And here we’re going to actually gut this bathroom completely. All the tile’s coming off, sheetrock, everything. Tub, it’s being replaced. Toilet, sink we’ll have to add a new vanity. It’s going to look pretty good once it’s done here.

This is the backyard over here. We’ve got a lot of debris. You can see there’s all this wood. I don’t know what’s underneath here. We got to clean all this out. So once we get all this cleaned out, it should look a hundred times better.

Well, I’m pleased how the project turned out, and the client is extremely happy.

Halcyon Remodeling does large renovations the same as we did here at this project. But we also do kitchen and bathroom upgrades.

We can be reached at–for free estimates–at 678-869-0041 or you can contact us through our website at HalcyonRemodeling.com.