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7 Best Home Renovations for Your Alpharetta Rental Property

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Vacant rental properties are the Achilles heel of being a landlord. After all, if you don’t have renters, you aren’t collecting money each month. The thing is, if you want to boost your income and encourage tenants to stay long-term, you’re going to need to improve your property’s appeal.

Luckily, it’s during a vacancy that you can begin renovating your Alpharetta rental property. If you’re ready to attract high-quality tenants and boost your ROI, check out the best home renovations for your Alpharetta property.

Best Home Rental Renovations for Your Alpharetta Investment Property

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There’s no denying that an entire overhaul of your rental property is bound to make it look nicer. On top of that, it may even attract more tenants.

Here are some of the best home renovations for your rental property.

1. Remodel the Bathroom

According to the U.S. Bureau of Statistics, people spend an average of 9.6 hours per day on personal care activities. And it just so happens that a lot of personal care activities happen in the bathroom.

When an interested tenant attends a showing of your rental, you can bet they’re going to take a close look at the bathrooms. People want classy bathrooms with lots of space, elegance, and usability. Because of this, tackling the bathroom while renovating your Alpharetta rental property is going to yield positive results.

Here are some rental home renovations to consider for your bathroom, ranging from inexpensive and easy to handle to expensive and complex:

  • Paint the cabinets to match the color scheme of the property
  • Swap out cabinet handles and doorknobs
  • Change light fixtures
  • Replace old, outdated baseboards
  • Install shelves for assed storage space
  • Switch out the toilet with a sparkling new one
  • Add a new vanity and more counter space
  • Add granite countertops
  • Convert the bathtub into a walk-in shower

Lastly, if it’s within your budget, you might consider hiring an experienced remodeling company and having them add another bathroom to your property. Having a one-to-one bathroom to bedroom ratio is something many people look for.

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2. Renovate the Kitchen

Kitchens are widely used spaces in a home. This means doing Alpharetta kitchen remodeling on your rental property has the potential to provide a great return on investment. In fact, according to This Old House, minor kitchen remodels stand to reap you an 87% ROI and a major kitchen remodel stands to reap you an average 80% ROI.

In other words, the money you invest in a kitchen remodel will be worth it in the long run.

Not sure how to renovate your kitchen? Here are some of the best ideas:

  • Match the Appliances: the oven, fridge, microwave, and dishwasher should all match to give your property’s kitchen a unified look. Better yet, invest in some energy-efficient appliances so your tenants can save on their utility bills.
  • Invest in New Countertops: much like your bathroom, granite countertops are highly sought after by those looking to rent. Plus, new countertops can give your rental a fresh new look that commands higher rent rates.
  • Fix Up the Cabinets: old, outdated kitchen cabinets can suck the energy out of even the best-looking kitchens. Luckily, renovating your kitchen cabinets doesn’t always require a lot of time and money. In fact, you can sand and paint your cabinets on your own if you’re on a tight budget. Or, if you have money to spend, you can also replace your cabinets altogether.
  • Add Finishing Touches: the last thing you should do to complete the new look of your Alpharetta rental property is work on the details. For example, replacing the faucets, adding a backsplash, and swapping out cabinet handles will impress any prospective tenant looking to lease from you.

3. Paint Your Rental (Inside and Out)

Painting the interior of your rental property is likely something you do on a regular basis. However, if you really want to boost your ROI and bring in high-quality tenants, you might want to consider a complete paint job. For instance, don’t just paint the walls inside your property that need a little touching up. Instead, pick a neutral color that your tenants will love and paint the entire interior.

Next, look into getting the exterior of your property painted too. Normal wear and tear on the exterior of buildings is to be expected. However, by painting the exterior of your rental, you can increase your property’s curb appeal instantly.

4. Landscape the Yards

Speaking of curb appeal, if you haven’t already, it’s time you look into landscaping both the front and backyards of your rental.

Here are some of the best ways to spruce up the yards:

  • Trim hedges, trees, and bushes
  • Fertilize the grass on a routine basis to keep it growing and green
  • Add in some flowers or planters to add color to the yards
  • Install a deck in the backyard
  • Pour new sidewalks or install pavers/bricks

If you take the time to make the front and back yards inviting for your tenants, they’ll more likely to make your rental property a more permanent home.

5. Open Up Your Floorplan

Though this type of rental home renovation is going to be more expensive than others on this list, it’s worth it. The concept of an open floor plan is very appealing to most people. It makes rentals appear bigger and helps to bring in more natural light.

Keep in mind that knocking out walls inside your rental property is not something to take lightly. You’ll want to make sure you don’t accidentally take out a load-bearing wall. If you aren’t up for an extensive DIY job or just need some help, it’s better to hire a professional remodeler to help you with big projects like these.

6. Update the Flooring

Much like painting the walls, replacing the floors in your rental is probably something you’re used to doing periodically. That said, sometimes an entire floor overhaul is what your Alpharetta rental needs.

There are plenty of different types of flooring options to match the budgets and needs of all sizes:

  • Affordable Flooring: the cost of your floors will depend on the type of material you use, the cost of installation, and the cost of routine maintenance. Your best bets for affordable flooring will include tile, carpet, laminate, and vinyl.
  • Low-Maintenance Flooring: rentals need flooring that is easy to maintain and can withstand lots of wear and tear. Some of your best options include carpet, linoleum, cork, and laminate.
  • Easy to Fix Flooring: sometimes your tenants will damage your property’s floor. Because of this, you’ll need to choose a flooring type that can be easily fixed without having to replace the entire thing. Good options for this type of flooring include vinyl sheets and tiles, laminate, floating wood tiles, and linoleum.
  • Durable Flooring: if you’re renovating your Alpharetta rental property, it’s best you choose a long-lasting floor type that can withstand frequent moves. Some of the best and most durable flooring types are vinyl, laminate, and linoleum.
  • Easy to Install Flooring: if you’re remodeling your rental on your own, you’re going to need a good supplier and an easy to install material.Keep in mind, while hardwood floors, stone, and tile look great, they are difficult to install.
  • Safe Flooring: with tenants living in your rental property, it’s your job to maintain a safe property. Floor types like marble, stone, and concrete are not always the best since they are slippery and can cause falls.

If you’re ready to renovate your rental property to increase its value and appeal, replacing the floor is a great option.

7. Add Popular Amenities to Your Property

While in the process of performing rental home renovations for your Alpharetta rental property, it’s also a good idea to think about the amenities you’re providing potential tenants.

Here are some of the best amenities to add to your property while renovating it:

  • An in-unit washer and dryer
  • Fenced in yards for privacy and pets
  • Outdoor living areas for entertaining and relaxing
  • Driveway, carport, or other off-street parking option
  • Extra storage space in bedrooms, bathrooms, or even the garage
  • Dishwasher to match the other kitchen appliances

Final Thoughts

Managing a rental property in Alpharetta doesn’t have to be difficult. Keeping it in good shape and desirable to your tenants just takes diligent effort to make sure the property is kept in good shape. With a few upgrades, you can demand top-of-the-market rent. Consider some green renovations as well, to appeal to tenants who are environmentally conscious.

Are you looking to begin rental home renovations on your Alpharetta property and find yourself needing some professional help? If so, contact us today and see how we can help.

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