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8 Kitchen Makeover Ideas for 2021

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Kitchen Makeover Ideas

Your kitchen is the hub of activity in your home. If it is starting to feel dull and dated, here are 8 kitchen makeover ideas for 2021.

1. Style up with a Gallery Wall

A feature wall can really pack a punch. It’s not exclusive to the living room but just about any other room in need of an aesthetic boost; that includes your kitchen. Homeowners now are warming up to the idea of subway tiles for this purpose, and they indeed make a gorgeous wall décor. To take this a notch further, think about a backsplash installation for texture enhancement. It does bring out a visually striking appeal enough to be the centerpiece of your space. The tile colors matter too. Choose to blend your wall with the existing palette or make it bold.

2. Lights

Lighting sets the ambiance in a room. Natural sunlight is universally loved and enjoyed, but if your kitchen has few windows or obstructed windows, you’ll need to have good artificial lighting.

Recessed lights are commonplace in kitchens, but for a relatively low cost, delicate pendant lights add style and elegance to the room. Position them over your kitchen island and voila!

Hidden lighting above cabinets or on the underside of cabinets (above your countertops), will add interest and usable light. LED technology has greatly expanded options for both new and energy efficient lighting. If you have been in your house for a few years, check out the newly available light options.

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3. Luxe Kitchen Islands

Modern homes have embraced the kitchen island. This is the ideal cabinet/countertop to accommodate your family when prepping meals. You can literally play around with the unit to achieve your dream kitchen. Everything from the countertop designs, kitchen bar stool seating, to integral storage cabinets, there’s no limit to what you can pull off if you’re willing to take a risk.

4. Balance the Warms and Cools

Long gone are the days when we would adhere to monochromatic palettes. Today, it’s all about two-toned hues, perhaps even a blend of more if you’re daring enough. You may want to follow the color wheel for what colors work well together, but generally blue hues initiate a deeply relaxing effect, while shades of green echo the natural world. Meanwhile, a semi-glossy finish contrasts beautifully with a matte wall.

You’d be surprised how much a fresh coat of paint can achieve if you’re on a tight budget. Spruce up your walls with a bold red or deep orange if you fancy a dramatic burst of energy.

5. Cabinet Hardware

Allocate a generous budget for your cabinet makeover. After all, it’s the most needed storage equipment in any kitchen space. You might as well splurge on it. A fashion-forward owner will pay attention to cabinet arrangement and design to evoke a modern look. Stainless steel handles are a classic, timeless detail that you can play up by pairing with white, glass-front cabinetry. If you’re a bit more conservative, perhaps drawers with handle built in to the drawer will suffice. Spruce things up with different sizing and don’t forget to incorporate upper and lower divisions for extra storage.

6. Stainless Steel Appliances

Nothing creates a cool vibe like stainless steel appliances. The glossy finish, clean trims, and smooth feel all add up to the overall attractiveness. From refrigerators, microwaves, stove burners, and even vent hoods, you can never have too much of it.

Stainless steel complements well with just about any colors and patterns you might have in your kitchen. Take white cabinets, for example, against the backdrop of spotless stainless kitchen electronics and appliances.

Stainless steel appliances have a reputation for being expensive due to most of the super high-end brands being stainless. However, less expensive brands are making stainless appliances more affordable. If you dismissed stainless in the past due to cost, they may be worth another look.

7. Trendy Counter Tops

After cabinets, your next greatest expense is likely kitchen countertops. Get this right and your dream kitchen design is halfway there. Countertops come in a vast variety of materials depending on your taste. Marble and quartz, in particular are game-changers due to their eye-catching qualities. Butcher block countertops could be the perfect match for a farmhouse kitchen.

Lighting can dramatically change the look of countertops, so consider the kind of lighting (bright, subdued, spot, etc.) you want above them.

8. Crown it with Décor

Being that the kitchen is typically high-traffic, the more customized it is, the better. It’s an essential part of any living space and décor goes to personalize it in a way no kind of remodeling ever will. Therefore, do not hesitate to sprinkle a touch of personalized detailing that speaks to you. You could DIY glass jars and insert succulents therein. Or spray paint some mason jars for extra storage. A great addition would be antique pieces on your gallery wall. Go ahead and try it.


Living in a first-class home is a dream goal. A kitchen makeover is a fundamental step in that journey. You can find countless ways to upgrade your kitchen. You just have to open yourself up to new and interesting kitchen makeover ideas. When making plans, consider consulting with an interior designer for more ideas. Explore current market trends and see what fellow home-owners are doing. Happy makeover!

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