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Tips To Help You Maximize Your Small Bathroom Space

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Small bathroom

Does your small bathroom drive you crazy? If your bathroom is tiny but you don’t have the budget for an entire remodel, you have come to the right place. Today, you will learn some tips that will help you make the most out your bathroom. These design ideas will help open up more floor space and provide you with additional storage.

Utilize Vertical Space

To get the most out of your bathroom space, you will have to think outside of the box. Most homeowners overlook vertical spaces, but they can be useful. A vertical space can be a great place for storage. By installing small shelves in unused spaces around your bathroom, you will have more room for your items. This is a great place to store items including extra toilet paper or soap and shampoo. With added storage space, you can keep more products in the room without it looking cluttered.

Add A Towel Rack

If your bathroom doesn’t have a linen closet, storing towels can be difficult. It can be down right embarrassing when guests come over and you do not have towels in the bathroom. However, if you install a towel rack or shelf on the wall, it will give the space you need to keep your linens in the bathroom. This will eliminate the need to store towels in other areas of the home.

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Get Rid of That Bulky Cabinet Sink

space-saving sink

Large cabinet style sinks can take up a ton of space. In order to free up more space in your bathroom, you should replace it with another sink style. Installing a pedestal sink or vessel sink will give you more floor space to move around. Also, these sinks styles will add beauty to your bathroom making it a more welcoming area of the home. They will give your bathroom the modern look you have always dreamed of.

Brighten Up Your Bathroom with Accessories

Does your small bathroom look dull and boring? If so, why not brighten it up with some accessories? Accessories like boxes or a basket can help you store items when not in use, which will help declutter the room. Wayfair is a great source for bathroom items, and they have a wide selection of products to choose from. They also have larger items for the bathroom including sinks, cabinets, and even toilets. So if you need something for your bathroom, you can easily find it on their website.

Limit Your Floor Accessories

Rugs can add warmth to any bathroom. But you don’t want to over do it with too many rugs. Instead of placing several smaller rugs in the room, use one big one. This will give your small bathroom the illusion of being bigger. When choosing a rug color, try to find one with lighter tones. This will help brighten up the room and make it a more appealing place.

Add A Medicine Cabinet

Many bathrooms today don’t include a medicine cabinet in their design. In the past, these fixtures were quite common and a good place to store potentially dangerous items. Medications, razors, and other items not safe for children were often kept here. These cabinets are great space savers. Not only do they provide you with a mirror, they also give you a place to store items out of sight. These fixtures can be free hanging or installed directly into the wall.

Install A Sliding Door

In a small bathroom, the door swing can take up a lot of space. Some people simply take down the door, but this can compromise privacy. Instead of having an open bathroom, you should consider installing a sliding door. This will free up space and your guests will be able to answer the call of nature in private.

Use Larger Tile

While small tile can be beautiful in larger bathrooms, they can make a small bathroom look even tinier. If you are a handy person, you can easily replace your small tile with large ones in one weekend. This will make your bathroom look bigger without having to spend tons of money on a major renovation. There are many different tile colors to choose from and you will have fun doing a DIY project you can be proud of.

Use Bright Lights

Small bathrooms can be dark places that are uninviting. To breathe some life into your tiny bathroom, install some bright lights. Make sure the lights you choose are large enough to illuminate any dark areas that may be in the room.

In Conclusion

If your bathroom is tiny, why not use some of these tips to help maximize the floor space you have? Also, make sure you checkout Wayfair for items that will help you make the most out of your space. You would be surprised at how much of a difference a few boxes or a basket can change a bathroom space.

Transform Your Small Bathroom

There’s only so much you can do with a tiny bathroom. At some point, you may decide it’s time for a true bathroom remodel.

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